Band History

"Entertaining Kentucky & Indiana for 20 years!"



                                Founding Members in 1990

                                                                            Dave Reed, David Yates, Mike Reed, Matt Swenson


"Many members have passed through the Reed Brothers Band over the years. Each one enriching the band in their own way."




















 The Reed Brothers Band was formed in 1990 at "THE BARN"where they worked up their first 40 songs, "with a little help from JIM BEAM!. The four founding members were, Mike Reed, Dave Reed, David Yates & Matt Swenson. Prior to that, Mike Reed was withThe Shaford Brothers, the house band at the South Fork Lounge. That is where he met David Yates, who would come to the south fork, to perform at benefit shows with his southern rock band, "The Black Label Band". Mike & David stayed in touch, performing at the benefit shows & when Black Label disbanded, Mike invited David & Matt Swenson (bass player for Black Label), to join him & his brother Dave Reed to form "THE REED BROTHERS BAND".

   That same year, they recorded their first album "ALL IT DOES IS RAIN", a collection of songs written by David Yates. That album produced 3 award winning songs, "YOUNGER DAYS", which was awarded 2nd place in Nashville tn., at Ernest Tubb records, recieving recording time on MUSIC ROW, and was also nominated for "BEST SONG" by the Louisville Area Songwriters Co-op, and won "GRAND PRIZE" at Indiana's Harvest Homecoming. The songs "Montgomery Way" & "Love's on the Rocks" also won awards at Indiana's Harvest Homecoming.   

  In 1994 the band won FIRST PLACE at the Carl Casper auto show, competing with 53 Rock bands. In 1995 they opened for major recording artists, "THE TRACTORS"  at The Louisville Palace, in downtown Louisville, and major recording artist's, John & Audrey Wiggins, at Church Hill Downs. In 1996, they opened for Wade Hayes, then In July, for ArronTippin, at the Louisville Motor Speedway for the WAMZ  Free Concert. Then in August of '96, played 11 days at the Kentucky State Fair.

That year, the band played 48 weeks out of 52, got a little burnt out , and  took some time off but DID NOT break up. Still getting  together to  work on "current" songs, as well as original material for their upcoming album. In 2004 the band re-emerged, playing some local clubs , while finishing the material for their C.D., to be named"GUNS ALREADY DRAWN" . Several of the songs on the  

album were written by lead guitarist, David Yates, who was also producer on the project, but the title song "GUNS ALREADY DRAWN", was written by all 4 members of the group. 

The song leans heavily toward Southern Rock which is very dominant in country music.

 Recording started in August of 2005, and the album was released on Feb.25th 2006, during the

REED BROTHERS BAND "BARN PARTY CONCERT" at the Holiday Inn Convention Ctr.

       In August, 2006, they launched their National TV show, BARN PARTY USA, created by David Yates, which features, music videos & special guest interviews from people in the entertainment business around Kentucky & Indiana, as well as a few guests from around the country.   The tv show started as a local show, but soon began airing Nationally, in 7 STATES from NEW YORK to HAWAII, where it ran for 3 years, from 2006 - 2009. It still airs on Louisville's Insight channel 98, Saturday Nights at 10 pm.

      In Sept. of 2008, the band released a Music Video for their  SINGLE, "DIXIE HIGHWAY", which is a tribute to the Louisville & Southern Indiana music scene. Many local musicians, bands & Music shop owners appeared on The Music Video.

   Barn Party USA, is now being broadcast WORLDWIDE !, over the Internet on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, AND YOUTUBE.     So The Reed Brothers Band can now be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week !  SEE YA SOON!